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Aadi Bringa Hair Oil, Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine for Hair Fall, Split Ends, Dry Scalp and Grows New Hair, 100% Ayurvedic Oil, 100ml

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Hair reflects our personality, beauty and confidence, so acharyas have given more importance for its protection and problems like greying of hairs, dandruff and hair fall. AadiBringa hair oil is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine made after so many researches and has undergone clinical trials that proved healthy for our hair and its growth.

Aparajitha Dhooma Choorna Agarbathi

In Ayurveda, the importance of dhoopana has been explained centuries before . In AD 6 century , Vagbhata has mentioned the use of Aparajitha Dhooma Choorna in the chapter Jwara chikitsa in the text book astanga hrydaya. There acharya has used the word bhoothagna which means anti -microbial activity.